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Improving the Organization – One Team at a Time.

Improving the Team  – One Person at a Time.

Improving the Person – One Idea at a Time.

The greatest tool an employee group in performing as a team is a leadership team that models superior teamwork.

At Strictly Success we work with both employee groups and management teams for the purpose of furthering team productivity and effectiveness. The results are more highly satisfied employees, improved moral, increased retention and a more profitable organization.

Management Team Building Experience

We have almost two decades of management team building and development ready to help your management team acquire the skills necessary to achieve greater levels of success. Our development process is simple – Demonstrate – Practice – Integrate; and all of our programs are designed with this methodology.

If you are seeking a developmental tool, perhaps one place to start is to consider utilizing Wiley’s Everything DiSC for Management.  The manager will learn about their personal style and how their style will influence the way they manage others.  If this is of interest, check out the DiSC tab above.

If you are seeking something more motivational, consider our Board Breaking activity and presentation.  This activity is an over the top and inspiring activity intended to set the stage for accomplishing future goals.  If interested, click on the Activities tab and pull down to the Board Meeting activity.

You might also be interested in promoting personal accountability in your workplace.  This is one of our flagship programs and tends to be both eye-opening and a bit inspiring.  Once a participant realizes the extend to which they impact their world, it is difficult to not be inspired by this idea.  Click on

Strictly Success recognizes that management require leadership skills beyond the front line employee and our programs are designed to deliver these skills. Our management team building programs can be as fun or educational as you like. As entertaining or instructional as you seek. As your needs are explored, we create and deliver management teambuilding programs that will set the baseline to which your future programs will be measured.

What you can expect from one of our management team building programs:

  • A more highly skilled leader capable of directing their team members to more productive outcomes.
  • Further develop participants at all levels into more effective communicators and leaders.
  • Develop the skills to become more success oriented in dynamic and changing environments.
  • Create inspire participants seeking to promote personal initiative in work groups.

Our management team building programs includes both activities and instruction. You decide how much of each. If you’re looking for a program heavy on activity (and entertainment), try our Board Meeting activity. An activity designed to challenge the participant’s preconceived notions of possibilities. Any leader will tell you that one key to producing a high performance team is a confident leader that can produce a vision and inspire others to achieve that vision. Such a vision requires expanded assumptions about what can be accomplished. The Board Meeting is an activity in which we teach your management persons a technique in which to break a board with their hand – totally expanded their assumptions about what they can achieve. While it’s not necessarily about breaking the board, in one extraordinary activity your management team building will be provided an activity which many will never have the opportunity to participate again!

If it’s something more of a cerebral nature, perhaps a tool and assessment designed towards the purpose of creating better working relationships between management persons, their peers, their team members and their own managers. Our assessment of choice is the Everything DiSC Management Profile. This tool will assist the manager in learning more about their managing styles, how to capitalize on their strengths, understand their driving priorities and utilize this information in directing, delegating, and motivating others.

Corporate Team Building & Employee Motivation Programs

Contact Us and get started today in developing your team and organization into a team that can make a deciding difference!  We can deliver our 1-2 day corporate team building programs onsite of your location or offsite at a location of your choice.
Additional programs which we can provide your organization include Developing A More Accountable Workplace, Employee Motivation programs and Managing Change Programs.  Also, for a high energy keynote or kick-off event, consider our “Board Meeting” activity.  It really will set the standard for your future programs.


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